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£4 – Sponsor a child to a education for just £2 per month

£17 – Medical check up for a year.

£36 – Supply meals for one child for a year.

£73 – Provides 1 child a scholarship in high school

Aceh was the closest point of land to the epicenter of the massive 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake, which triggered a tsunami that devastated much of the western coast of the region, including part of the capital of Banda Aceh. 226,000 Indonesians were killed or went missing in the disaster, and approximately 500,000 were left homeless, with these casualties particularly pronounced in Aceh.

Running program learning centres in Aceh to cater for the many children who are orphaned or homeless from the tsunami. The centres are setup within refugee camps for the displaced children as these children are unable to attend school as the school builds have been destroyed.

The project will operate the learning centres, supply the books, computers and a meal each school day. A medical check up of each child will also be carried out to ensure the health of the children.

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