Formal School Project – Ghana

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£4 – Sponsor a child to a education for just £2 per month

£17 – Medical check up for a year.

£36 – Supply meals for one child for a year.

£73 – Provides 1 child a scholarship in high school

The project provides formal education to illiterates, school drop-outs, underprivileged and underserved children and youth up to university level.

Our programs will also incorporate non-formal education. Computer literacy and vocational training will enable children, teens, women, and the unskilled/uneducated enrolled in the CFI initiatives to advance their skill sets, pursue viable livelihoods, and feel that they are valued members of their communities

Children Fund International aims to establish an educational institution that will create an enabling environment in which all children can develop their full potential. Our institution will include a boarding house for needy children but at the same time that every effort is made to integrate the children with their families.

The project will develop our education project which is aimed at supporting the underprivileged and underserved children in our society. Giving hope to underprivileged children Scholarship School Project – most children do not attend school due to poverty of the parents. Some are sent to the stone quarry at Gbawe to crack stones, depriving them of their right for education. We seek to bring these children and many who have neglected by parents to enable them to have an education.

What we do...

Children Fund help children throughout the world requiring assistance without prejudice

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