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Many disabled children of impoverished families in Andhra Pradesh have little or no schooling. They may be physically unable to get to school or their disabilities make it difficult for them to cope in a classroom of 30-40 children. They are often confined to their homes, isolated from their peers, and dependent on their families, who struggle to cope and may neglect their needs. Due to their situation, without proper support, these children face a lifetime of discrimination and abandonment. Unable to access education or employment, they will be left to beg in the streets.

The project aims to provide:

  • A fully equipped primary school, providing education, emotional support, physiotherapy, art and recreational activities.
  • Vocational training for young people on mobile phone repair to enable gainful employment when they leave school.
  • Residential facility, including food, clothing and disability aids such as wheelchairs.
  • A centre of excellence promoting the inclusion of disabled children into the wider community.

An enriching and supportive environment where children will learn skills to become valued members of the community; lead a dignified life, overcome their disadvantages and become self sufficient as adults.

What we do...

Children Fund help children throughout the world requiring assistance without prejudice

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