Join a Fundraising Event

If you have a little time and want something different to do why not get involved in our fundraising groups!

Contact us as soon as possible to organise your own regional group.

Hold an Event

Why not hold an event at your club, work or school? It doesn’t have to be anything big. From organising a bring-and-buy sale to a cake sale in the canteen or hold a collection in the office.

At Work

Why not bake some cakes and sell them to your colleagues? Shave your beard or do a sponsored silence? All easy ways to raise a few bob and have a laugh at work, and what better way to help children right here in the UK and around the world than doing it with a smile.

Pub nights

*** CALLING ALL PUBS *** why not have your weekly quiz night with proceeds going to Children Fund, if you don’t hold a quiz night – Start One! Or have a competition on the dart board or pool table. All you need do is call us on 0844 504 9034 and ask for a collection box, we’ll send one straight out and place all the proceeds into the box with any other donations that come in.

We will give you advice and assistance all along the way. We can also supply collection boxes and you can download posters to advertise the event in your local area.

If you are holding an event then you can contact us here.

Want something a little bit more exhilarating?

Ever thought about doing a parachute jump or abseil down a building, bungee jump off a bridge or speed down a zip wire? There are lots of ways to get your thrills AND benefit others. If you want to do it – we are here to help you.

What we do...

Children Fund help children throughout the world requiring assistance without prejudice

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