About Us

Today, through the Children Fund International we help children in the UK, Africa and Asia.

The generous support of people like yourself enables needy children living in poverty to access the support that not only meet their basic needs, but also serve enable them to help themselves and their communities out from the poverty trap.


We will assist in building schools where required, the supply of text books and equipment to support schools or the training of teaching staff to give a child the education so that they can get a job and support their family.

Medical Care

We offer the full spectrum of medical aid from basic regular treatment right through to major hospital equipment so that children are not left with debilitating illness or even death for something that could have been prevented.

Safe place to live

We are always looking at ways to prevent children from being forced to live on the streets and the associated risks from crime, prostitution, drugs and even death.

What we do...

Children Fund help children throughout the world requiring assistance without prejudice

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